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Paxaren 250 - First anti-coronavirus capsule. Strengthen the immune system.

When reports of Covid-19 started at the end of 2019, and then increasingly in 2020, I immediately thought that the epidemiology indicated a significant connection to hypertension.

A number of researchers have now reached the same conclusion...

The Inventors' Story

It is seldom discussed that there never has been any treatment for the cause of hypertension, even though the cause is fairly obvious. Of course there are many drug treatments, but they only treat the consequences of hypertension, not the cause.

So I have included in Paxaren 250 components which will stop hypertension and will provide optimum blood pressure.

However no one taking blood pressure drugs should not change their medication without consulting the prescribing medical doctor.

Turning to the virus itself, a vaccine is the urgent need. However I thought that another way might be found by looking around at living things which are bombarded with viruses, but are mainly successful in resisting them. I thought of trees and other plants. They resist viruses by signalling, and that is exactly what Paxaren 250 does.

Paxaren 250 is very safe. None of the components dissolve in the body.

Paxaren 250 works by signaling only. The human body signaling system is very robust, but it can be influenced over each 24 hours by Paxaren 250 passing through the body.

Whilst taking Paxaren 250 do not try anything which might be a danger to yourself or others. Continue to follow the instructions of your Government, and health professionals.

With best wishes for safe health.

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Instructions for use of Paxaren 250

Swallow one capsule at the same time each day. Do not suck or chew the capsule. Paxaren 250 is suitable for vegetarians. Paxaren 250 is not suitable for persons under 16 years of age, nor pregnant or nursing women. Paxaren 250 is not suitable for persons taking blood thinners, other than aspirin anticoagulant.

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  • Paxaren 250 – First anti-coronavirus capsule.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Distributed worldwide.

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